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This is my personal blog. I rant a lot. 20 M, stuck in hell, and trying to claw my way out.



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still trying to get over how cute xiaheart's icon is


my math prof won’t respond to my emails and he won’t pick up my final from his mailbox and it’s worth 20% of my grade FUCK at least i can get a B in theatre by making up some of these assignments

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Watching the Pantaleone’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares - I don’t even EAT meat and I know that sausage pizza and meatball sandwich looks HIDEOUS. That poor waiter girl though :/ she was so nice the entire time.

Hopefully what I’ll be doing one day.

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the A in math though. it’s math. I for one am proud of you

lol. irony is, math isn’t even my major. anatomy is part of my biomed physics major and i need it for all my other classes ;_______;

but thank you shruti ^_^


I failed anatomy.

I’m failing women’s studies.

I might pass theatre.

I’m definitely getting an A in math.

Current emotions.

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His best work to date. Recess was weird as fuck.

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